Kawartha Marketing offers many products and services to help small businesses stay competitive in today’s multi-digital world. Everybody is “plugged in”, making online competition more fierce than it has ever been. You can’t just launch a website and/or a facebook page if you want to be taken seriously by your customers and prospects.

All of your competition has already added online marketing to their professional portfolios. Most marketing companies actually turn to a digital marketing company to maximize their own effectiveness. This outsourcing does increase their customer’s bottom line, but it also unnecessarily increases their expenses!

Why pay the middleman when you can deal directly with the source? Kawartha Marketing has been digital since the Internet was first made available to the public – in fact our websites were among the very first to appear online. We were here first – and we are here to last.

Kawartha Marketing can increase your online presence, perform market research and, most importantly, integrate your online profiles and platforms to maximize your exposure and productivity. Effective digital marketing isn’t expensive – it’s priceless!